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About Us

The idea was first conceptualized by two mothers with very tender hearts. They very passionately felt for them – the special children who are not like normal kids. They have certain problems at the time of their birth and from their early childhood which can be recognized by specially trained eyes only. These children need early intervention for early rehabilitation.

Fortunately they had some friends with congruous mentality. They come forward and joined hands for the formation of “ Durgapur Nabodiganto Charitable Society”.

A new horizon was open. The society made it’s first foot print by a Community Based Survey work to find out the children who come in this category. It is found that the parents were quite unaware about the different abilities of their off-springs.

A vigorous campaign has been started for awareness and training of the parents of such children how to take care them at “Munshi Prem Chand School” at the village Dhandabad situated at the fringe of the Durgapur Steel Township. We feel that this is just the beginning. We have long way to stride. We invite sensitive and generous members of the common people to extend their helping hands in our effort so that the inevitable destroy of human resource can be stopped and rehabilitated in a useful way to live a decent life in our society.

Now “ Durgapur Nabodiganto Charitable Society” in Durgapur run a school in terms of Early Intervention For Early Rehabilitation program for the special children at J.C.Bose United Club near Einstaine- J.C.Bose Road Juntion.

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